Paintball Guns and Accessories For the Beginner

The hardest part about starting a new pastime is knowing where to begin. Paintball has exploded as a great family entertainment for young and old, alike. Nearly every child has played cowboys and Indians and dreamed of fighting it out at the OK Coral, and more than a few adults wish they could do the same. Paintball provides a great opportunity to get outside and feel and act like a kid, regardless of your age.Starting out in paintball requires very little basic equipment and a healthy appreciation for fun. You will hide behind structures, sneak around behind your friends and blast them with paintballs, or run for your life as you avoid being hit. You can’t help but laugh out loud as you and your family play this age old game of “gonna getcha” with state of the art paintball guns and some basic safety equipment.Don Your Paintball Goggles For SafetyWith over five million participants, paintball has far fewer injuries than many other sports. Your most important piece of safety equipment is a good pair of safety paintball goggles. Make sure they fit snugly and that you can see clearly. While paintball can sting a bit, your eyes MUST have the best protection possible.Unlike normal safety glasses, paintball goggles also protect your ears, nose and mouth, which is why they are commonly called a “mask.” Some paintball goggles can be pretty creative, with custom paint jobs and decorations, but the important difference is that these paintball goggles are made of a resilient, heavy duty polymer that will ensure your safety and comfort.Annie, Get Your Gun!Paintball guns are called “markers.” While there are numerous styles and designs, as a beginner, you will probably want to start with a basic paintball gun until you determine which characteristics you prefer. Most beginner marker packages come as a set, complete with a paintball gun, CO2 cartridges, a hopper, which holds the paintballs and a cleaning kit. Aside from your paintball goggles and your marker kit, all you will need to purchase are the pellets, or paintballs.Dress To ProtectGenerally speaking, the paint from the pellets will wash out of your clothing with warm water and soap. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are a good idea, as are closed toe shoes. For added protection, you can purchase a paintball vest which will minimize the impact you actually feel, assuming your opponents can find you and shoot you. Paintball vests also offer the convenience of zippered pockets and carriers for things like water bottles, extra CO2 cartridges and extra pellets. A towel is a good thing to have handy, as well, just in case.Where Can You Play?You can play paintball pretty much anywhere, but professionally designed fields make the game far more interesting and challenging with structures, windows, trees and many other components that allow you to outsmart and outshoot your opponents. Most people begin playing paintball in outdoor, wooded areas. This is called Woodsball. Once you have become addicted to the sport, as most beginners do, you can use indoor venues during inclement weather to practice your paintball gun skills. Referees are commonly present to keep the game running smoothly and safely. Never shoot the referee!Look for a website that offers plenty of paintball gun products, accessories, advice and services to get you started in this exciting and affordable sport. Paintball parties are a blast for every age and weekends spent with your family playing paintball will soon become a favorite.

How To Add To A Sexy Look With Nipple Rings and Accessories

Nipple jewelry allows all women the heighten sense of sexiness! Be erotic.For some, this jewelry by itself is easy to create a hot new look. Smokin’!
Are you new too nipple jewelry? Its all non piercing!
Ladies looking for a little more “something” sometimes look for accessories. Try some of these add-ons to your hot boobies.
This includes dangle huggers nipple chains, clip on is easy.
Also know as Dangles, they are quick to attach to the breast. There are many hugger names for these!
This can increase the look of non piercing nipple rings.
Dangles always come in all kinds of styles, shapes and colors, with different types of material.
These are suitable for every woman.
Tassel is a popular pick for women who want more ambiance in this area.
When they move along the breast, they make you tingle… your skin, and the rest of you want to just jump with excitement.
More and more stimulus, like government spending, can move YOUR mountains!
Nipple Rings Have A Different Style For Every Day And Night For All Women!Temporary body jewelry allows women that are young at heart the ability to be both erotic for their significant others and exotic for themselves! One beny using non piercing body jewelry…
There are so many styles and material, shields, rings, nipple, huggers, and hoops that you can literally have a different look every night.
Men, imagine what benefits you can have by getting some of these for the woman in your life! Or women?
The second is that these are easy off… easy on. Do not worry about airport TSA security. Easy off and on is good!
Ladies sans piercing holes, this a great opportunity for your to have some sexy fun.
There is no healing time here! Just pop them off and on! Can it be any easier with these bodygems?
How much of an exhibitionist do you want to be? Sheer delights tops allow you to show off at these hot and sultry club nights!
Fancy silver or metal jewelry is offered up for anyone to check out while you wear your huggers! Nice and fun.
Parties, bars, house parties, the hot tub, or wherever, this can be fun ANYWHERE!
Not a show off? Stay home and enjoy these nipple charms behind the closed doors of your private residence.
Nipple huggers type jewelry affords you some real fun and the neighbors do not need to know!
Sexy can be as subtle or as outlandish as you want it to be. Accessories like these to your other jewelry is outstanding!
Non Pierced Nipple Jewelry Accents Every Type Of Clothing Options Available! Every day can be a new experience with these huggers around your sexy body parts. Why stop with just one!
Night or day clothing can be augmented with this jewelry. Why deny one fashion style for another?
Spring, summer, fall or winter, these can add to your combos that you wear year around.
Sterling Silver and surgical steel make up this type of jewelry. Rainbow colors are also available.
Ruby, Emeralds, Clear, Sapphire are all types of color of crystals are used in the nipple dangles that are offered.
Lingerie is another type of fun flirt night or day. Why limit that sexy look?
Enhance your sexiest clothes with these accessories. Your mate will love this. Using allure, make the time together memorable.
And if you want to step it up a notch. BAM… add the huggers and chains, and a temporary tattoo.
And do not forget your stockings and heels. As sexy as they are by themselves, imagine adding some sexy anklets to the equation.
What a look given off when a sexy anklet is added to stocking, heels and a sexy smile? How can resist?
More And More Women are discovering Nipple Jewelry As New Waysto Be Sexy.None of the pain and ALL of the pleasure! Show off shields one night, maybe some Swarovski Beads another night and some special attachies yet another night. Changing your nipple jewelry can keep if dope and fresh!
Only you can limit the number and ways that these nipple dangles and huggers will entice whoever sees them.
Nipple rings allows a lot of alternatives for almost every predilection. These are the new fresh trends. Do not be behind the curve! These pieces will last and last for fun and excitement.
For example, the Keep it up styles, be nice n naughty for Stimulation.
Stay away from the cheap wire fake huggers jewelry. These bend and lose their shape after the first wearing or two.

Surf Clothing and Surfing Accessories Then and Now

In the fifties, surfing was almost unknown by the general community. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, everybody wanted to go surfing or at least have an association with the lifestyle. Suddenly, a new style of surf clothing began to be seen, even in midwestern states far from the waves. What happened?No, it was not the Beach Boys who first popularized surfing. In 1957, a man wrote a short book about his daughter, who was one of the first surfer girls. Called “Gidget”, the book went on to become a hit movie in 1959. That was where it all really began.The producers of the film knew they were on to something big and enlisted big stars James Darren and Sandra Dee to star in the movie, with superstar Cliff Robertson in a strong supporting role. The movie featured some surfing footage, but mostly it featured girls in bikinis and well-built guys in surfing trunks.The popularity of that movie led to many more imitators. In pop music, surf music became huge, with groups like Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys making in to Number One on the charts. About the only teenagers who didn’t like their music were surfers, who really preferred to keep their sport to themselves. Instead, they listened to the music of bands like Dick Dale and the Ventures. The fast-paced guitar licks in instrumentals like “Perfidia” and “Walk, Don’t Run” were what they listened to before they tackled the waves.There was no stopping the tidal wave of interest in surfing, though. In just a few short years, surfing had gone from nowhere to mainstream. Suddenly the beaches were filled with surfers and where they couldn’t surf, young people wore surfing fashions and dreamed of riding the waves.Baggy Hawaiian shirts, baggy trunks and Hawaiian print bikinis were the surfing style of that era. It took time for a surfing apparel industry to evolve, but evolve it did. Today, some of the early surf wear companies are multi-million dollar corporations.Today, you can find surfwear being worn just about anywhere in the world. It runs the gamut from board shorts and bikinis to shoes, shorts, pants, shirts and even socks. Girls styles include tank tops, blouses, skirts, miniskirts and dresses. In fact, many surfers find enough styles to choose from that they wear nothing else but surf wear.Surfing and surf clothing have entered the mainstream and are no longer on the fringes. The best surfers in the world make millions of dollars and the big surfwear companies compete for their sponsorship dollars. You can’t help but wonder what Gidget thinks about all the changes.